Photo Gallery of Workshop on "LIS for Best Laboratory" during April 26-28, 2017.

May 12, 2017

    The first day was the lecture about new version of LIS system, to specify the system characteristics and the increased system function efficiency that has more than the original version that lab runners using these days, lectured by Khun Rungfah Suphow, IT manager, Sysmex Thailand, and also how to retrieve the statistic report from the system, lectured by Khun Nareutai Thammakaew, IT manager, Meditop.

    For the last two days, the morning sessions were concerning to QC setting through LIS system and test code setting, to enable users themselves editing test codes, false result and critical values.

    The workshop was taken place for users to practice how to set up the test codes and QC, operated the workshop by Khun Chanthip Srijad, IT supervisor and Khun Lalita Manochai, IT Application.

    The other sessions were about describing the LIS specifications and some unknown functions, to guideline lab users run the system properly and effectively, lectured by Khun Nareutai Thammakaew, IT manager, Meditop.